We find the right rescue dog for you. We have a network of shelters in the UK and abroad and will discuss with you your needs and desires and find you the purfect match.


For the benefit of the public in Fleet and surrounding North Hampshire and Surrey areas, our mission is to help find the perfect dog for anyone wanting to adopt a rescue dog in the UK.

Most rescue centres around Fleet have dogs with 'issues' that are not suitable for adoption to the wide majority of people and families that want a rescue dog.

People either don't have the experience to deal with difficult dogs, or they may fall short of other criteria laid down by the rescue centres to which do not look at the dog and potential adopters on a case by case basis.

This is where DogsnHomes provide a service for the benefit of the public by spending time with potential adopters to really understand their needs, abilities, and restrictions. With this information and by having a first-hand experience of the dogs waiting to be adopted, DogsnHomes can find the right dog for the right home.