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On the 25th September 2019, the lovely Eddy was adopted. Eddy (previously known as Lion) was abandoned on the streets of Portugal with his three other siblings. They were cared for brilliantly by our partner organisation in Portugal, and on the 19th September last year, he began his journey with his brother to the UK! He was then adopted by a lovely family living in Fleet. 🐾

We asked Eddy's adopters for an update and this is what they said:
"Eddy has grown into a handsome and confident dog. He still loves children (especially girls!) and other dogs. People often come over to ask what breed he is and say how beautiful he is. He has a magnificent tail reminiscent of a fox’s brush and is athletic and a very fast runner. He is also smart and has benefitted from attending regular puppy and obedience classes.
We are about to take him away for his first holiday to a dog friendly cottage in Wales. We are looking forward to the walks and the beaches and enjoying them anew with Eddy. He has been a great addition to our family, thank you Dogs n Homes for pairing him with us."

Fun times ahead for Eddy! It's great to hear that he's enjoying his puppy and obedience classes, and we are sure he is absolutely going to love his first holiday! We want to say a huge thank you to his adopters for welcoming him into their family, and we wish them a very happy 1st gotcha anniversary! 🥰🐶🥳


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The Express Happy Bus is due to arrive this evening, this is an additional Bus to our Saturday Bus arriving tomorrow. So we have some super excited families waiting to adopt Amber, Bond, Camilo and Lewis! Some say days like this are more exciting than Birthdays and Christmas rolled into one! We definitely think so!


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Cuteness overload on your timeline in 3..2..1…

This is Miney, a Podengo pup we rescued from Portugal that spent some days with our fosterer Sarah Garry before going to her forever home.

We think it’s fair to say she is a child friendly dog 🐶🙃


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All aboard!! Windy, Wanda, Zara, Aponi and Emilia have all got on board the DnH Happy Bus today and will be arriving here on Saturday! They have all been adopted and we have some very excited families waiting here for them to arrive.
We will also be loading up the Happy Bus with donations to go back to the shelters.
Thank you everyone for your donations!


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Well done Emily Wood! Your photo had the most votes in our latest competition and you are the lucky winner of a snuffle mat, kindly donated by MacSnuffle- Snuffle Mats.

We hope your cute little pooch enjoys it:-)

Please get in touch with us via messenger to claim your prize.

Many thanks to everyone that took part.


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If you wish to help the shelters that DogsnHomes supports in Portugal, you can do so by donating any amount via the link below or by setting up a monthly donation.

Our team and all the doggies we rescue will be forever grateful for your kind heart. 🐶


1 week 1 day ago

Although it's uncertain if Bonfire Night events will take place this year, Fireworks can often scare and traumatise dogs.

A way to prevent your dog from getting stressed is through sound desensitisation.

It is a proven way of managing sound related unwanted behaviours in dogs that involves exposing your pet to various noises in a controlled way.

It is recognised to be successful in helping pets become less sensitive to sounds and noises such as fireworks, thunder and lightning.

For the process to work effectively, you should start weeks or even months before a potential stressful event.

You can follow the sound desensitisation program here:

For more information and tips, check this link:


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Our team had a hard time choosing the winner of our latest competition, so we need your help to select the funniest/ cutest/ most creative picture.

Please comment 1 if you think Emily Good's photo should win
Please comment 2 if you think Claudia Marsh's Ozzy should win
Please comment 3 if you think Lyn Nevelle's Honey should win
Please comment 4 if you think Pam Lyons' Ziggy should win

The winner will get a handmade Snuffle mat, kindly donated to us by MacSnuffle- Snuffle Mats.