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1 day 16 hours ago

So this evening we had Blue and sister Angelina arrive, joined by Nunuk and Moose.

Moose was abandoned when a family living in a second floor flat decided they didn't want a dog any more, so from 2 months to 6 months he was living inside before one day he found himself dumped on the streets. Fortunately this loveable gentle boy was quickly spotted and taken in by one of our Team in the Algarve.

Moose is staying with our boy Tigger2 this evening and as always Tigger2 is very good at sharing his toys and treats. Moose has collected up all the higher value toys and chews and taken them to his bed.

It's clear that Moose has never seen such interesting chews, but is very respectful when he takes them away from Tigger2. Tigger2 as always just smiles and says 'whatever'.

But there's some irony, with a name like Moose, that his favorite is a stag horn!

DogsnHomes was live.

1 day 19 hours ago


2 days 15 hours ago

We have more puppies arriving before Christmas and are waiting for their details, before putting them on our website. But you will need to be quick as they are going like hot puppies! One went online this evening and was snapped up in minutes. But we also have an older boy Danny who is 2 years old and looking for his furever home. He is losing his balls tomorrow, so will weigh even less than his current 6kg and we will be updating his details soon after as he has only just arrived.


2 days 19 hours ago

This poor mother and her 8 little puppies were found tied to a tree by our partners in Portugal.

By tieing up the mum the evil person knew the puppies would stay there until they died 🥺

They were slowing staving to death as the mother was struggling to provide any milk and the puppies were unable to find alternative food or water...😢

Thankfully our partners have found them and are caring for them, but this is utterly heartbreaking 💔

Please help us reduce cases like that by supporting our campaign that aims to raise £3000 by the end of this year to neuter and spay 75 dogs.

Any donations will be much appreciated and will make a huge difference to reduce dogs suffering in the streets 🙏🏼

Donate here:


3 days 2 hours ago

🚌ALL ABOARD THE HAPPY BUS (again, yippee!)🚌

We are very excited as ANOTHER three very lucky puppies are on board the Happy Bus! Our pups have made themselves comfortable, buckled themselves in, and have started the very long journey from Portugal.
We are thrilled that all of these pups are also reserved! 🥳

So, without further ado, meet Brandy, Holly and Hansel! 😍
Brandy and Holly were the last two of a litter of unwanted puppies. The owner gave away their siblings and when none of his friends wanted Holly and Brandy, he took him to the local pound. Luckily for them, our partners in the Algarve took them to their private shelter to give them all the care, socialisation and nurturing they needed!
Hansel (soon to be called Hudson) was also rescued along with his siblings, but luckily they have already been adopted, so it's now his turn to find his furever family!

These adorable pups are due to arrive on Saturday 28th November. We hope to go live on Saturday when they arrive, so keep your eyes peeled! 🐶🐾❤️


3 days 19 hours ago


We are so excited, as TWO Happy Bus's are en route! The first bus is due to arrive on Friday, and you will have to wait until tomorrow to find out which lucky pups are arriving on Saturday! 🥳

In the meantime, please meet Moose, Nanuk, Blue and Angelina! ❤️
They have all made themselves comfortable, buckled themselves in, and they will shortly be starting the very long journey from Portugal.
We are thrilled to say that all of the pups are reserved and have lovely homes lined up for them - happy days! 🥳🏡

A little bit about the pups...
Moose was dumped by his family when he got too big for their flat. He was thrown out with the rubbish and was luckily found by our partners in the Algarve who took him to their private shelter.
Nanuk was found in field with his mum and they too were both rescued by our partners in the Algarve, who took them to their shelter to be cared for and loved.
Blue (actually called Bluebell!) and Angelina were found in a windowless shed with their siblings and mother. They were all rescued from their owner when they were 14 days old, and were also taken to our partners private shelter to receive the care that they needed.

We have some very excited families waiting for their arrival on Friday and we hope to go live on FaceBook when the Happy Bus arrives. We hope to see you there! 🥳🚌🐶


4 days 19 hours ago

Some lucky rescue dogs will soon be going on nice adventures with the dog gear the team at Ruffwear UK kindly sent to us.

Big thank you to Ruffwear for their generous donation, especially to Caitlin and her team for arranging it. 🐶🤩


5 days 2 hours ago


On the 24th November 2019, the beautiful Willow (previously called Lolita) went to her furever home! 🥰🏡

Willow was sadly abandoned and dumped by her owner and was left to fend for herself on the streets of Portugal. Unfortunately for Willow, she also had a broken paw, so we imagine she was in quite a lot of discomfort. Thankfully, the local rescue shelter took her in and made sure that Willow received the treatment she needed so that she could travel to the UK and find her perfect home. Willow is now living her best life with her furever family in Fleet! 🐾

We asked Willow's adopters for an update and this is what they said:
"A year ago today, we had the pleasure of introducing this little beauty into our family. She has made a profound impact on our lives and is hugely loved by the entire family. Willow dealt fantastically well with having the builders in at the very start and by the end of it they were as in love with her as we are. We go through toys like nobody's business and hence her nickname of "The Destroyer"! She has a boundless energy we wished we had, but she is also a fantastic cuddler!
In a year that has been beyond comprehension she has been a worthwhile reason to get up in the morning, get outside and deal with groundhog day number whateveritis.
She has settled in so amazingly well and if anyone wants any dog hair for weaving/carpet etc, please let us know as she gives us plenty of this each day! 😉😆"

Willow is a very special girl and it's so heartwarming to see just how well she's settled in. ❤️ We would like to say a huge thank you to our partner organisation in Portugal for rescuing her, and to our adopters for giving this girl such a brilliant home! Happy 'gotcha' anniversary! 🥳🐶🏡


5 days 13 hours ago

YIPPEEE!!! Megan, now called Lyla has found her furever home! 🙂

She was rescued by our partners in Portugal from an ignorant owner who didn't neuter his dogs and had many unwanted puppies.

Lyla and her brother Digby (aka Harvey) came over a couple of weeks ago and during that time she has been staying with our fosterers in Fleet, who have become the latest fosterers to fail and become adopters! But fair dues they did foster several dogs before Lyla and we knew she was a good fit and are delighted that they have become the latest adopters to join the DnH family.

In a very short space of time, this little lady has become house trained and is getting really well trained by this lovely young couple, who have made Lyla the centre of their universe!

Huge thanks to the ladies in Portugal for rescuing and caring for the Lyla in her first few months of life.


5 days 23 hours ago


The second pup to go to their forever home was Maisy! Maisy and her siblings were abandoned by their owner when they were only small pups. Luckily for them, the local rescue shelter in Portugal were made aware of the situation and took the pups in. They were looked after, socialised and vaccinated before they made the exciting journey to the UK. Maisy now lives with her furever family in Surrey! 🏡

We asked Maisy's adopters for an update and this is what they said:
"Well, we can't believe Maisy has been part of our family for a whole year! And what a crazy year its been! We can't imagine our lives without her now... Due to lockdown, Maisy has never really gotten used to being without us so when she is left at home for any reason we get the best, craziest, lickiest welcome when we return home! Maisy loves nothing more than when the family are all together, snuggled up on the sofa! She has made loads of doggy friends in the neighbourhood too and gets on with everyone! Her best friend, however, is our 9 month old kitten, Muffin who Maisy has adopted as her own. 😺
Thank you Dogs'n'Homes for bringing Maisy into our lives!! She has brought us so much joy this past year and we look forward to many more adventures with her by our side."

Maisy is such a gentle girl and it's clear to see that she is an adored member of the family! Thank you so much to our partner organisation in Portugal who rescued her, and to Maisy's fantastic adopters for giving her the life she so truly deserves. Happy gotcha day! 🐶🥳❤️