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1 day 1 hour ago

January is “National Train your Dog Month”.

Are you proud of a trick that you taught your dog? 🤩

👇👇 Post a photo or video in the comments and let’s have some fun watching them! 👇👇

Best video/photo wins a special prize 🎖

But remember, dog training isn’t about teaching your dog some cool or funny tricks. It’s about consistently working on your relationship with your dog so it becomes calm, balanced and well behaved.

According to the fantastic team at Canine Crew, “A great relationship with a dog involves engagement, focus, respect, trust, leadership, permission, rules and boundaries”.

Spending time and effort in training your dog is an investment that ALWAYS pays off - for you and especially for your dog. It could be the one thing that makes or breaks a dog’s chance to stay with their family and in their home. Don’t leave it until it’s too late!


3 days 4 hours ago

How many takeaway coffees do you buy a month?☕

Could you donate the cost of only one of those to us?

Whether it is £1, £5 or £20 a month, every single penny counts. We are a non-profit charity, so 100% of the money we receive goes towards rescuing more dogs and keeping the charity running.

To set up a monthly donation you can use the link below:

Our doggies will be furever grateful 🐶


3 days 19 hours ago

Huge thank you to the incredible Katherine Binks Art that kindly dedicated her time and talent to paint a Watercolor Pet Portrait for the winner of our Giveaway.

Thanks so much for your donation, Katherine!

We are sure that the lucky winner, Sarah Garry will find a very special place to display the portrait of her gorgeous doggie in her house.🐶


4 days 2 hours ago


The very sweet (and vertically challenged) Teddy has found his furever home! ❤

Teddy is a very happy 5 year old boy. He is very sweet and sociable with humans and other dogs, and he loves his walks and cuddles. Whilst being cared for at the shelter, he needed to have a tooth removed, and the vet described him as being the perfect patient, as he never growled despite being in pain! 😎

Since being adopted, Teddy has gotten himself into a few interesting situations! This is the message we received from his adopter:
"Teddy has had an eventful few days. He had his first shower, which he wasn't overly keen on but maybe he'll think twice before rolling in dog poo again! 🤣. We met John Bishop in the woods and one of his dogs took a strong dislike to Teddy (if you are going to have an argument with another dog why not wait for one who belongs to a famous comedian!). We've been to the vet for flea/worm treatment and Teddy and I had a disagreement about where he should sit on the sofa (glad to say I won). Teddy and Monty (the cat) are learning to live with each other... 🤣"

Wow - what a busy few weeks for Teddy! A new home, a shower, a celebrity encounter and a trip to the vets! Luckily, he is settling in extremely well and is a very happy chappy in his new home. Teddy is adored by the whole family, especially his little sister, who tells her mum how much she loves him every half hour! 🥰🏡

We would like to say a massive thank you to our partner in Portugal for rescuing Teddy, and we are very happy to welcome his adopters to the DnH family! ❤🐶


4 days 23 hours ago


The second pup to be adopted on the 11th January was the beautiful Bear! 🥳

Bear (previously called Paddington) was originally found on the street with his sister, Pooh Bear and their mother, Tracy. Initially, they were taken to the Canil (kennels) in Portimao. However, our partners in Portugal decided to take them into foster, where they were looked after brilliantly before travelling to the UK.
Sadly, his adopter lost her partner in very tragic circumstances in November 2019, so Bear stepped up and became the new man in her life. Bear came into her life at the perfect time, and they now have a totally unbreakable bond. 🥰

We asked Bear's adopter for an update, and this is what she said:
"Bear is the most loving and cuddly dog! He is the dog I wanted and perfectly fits in to my life! He sings to opera style music, loves going to the yard and seeing the horses and getting lots of fuss from everyone! He loves children and all other dogs. People have borrowed him and have said if we can guarantee we can get a dog like him we will get a dog tomorrow - this makes me so proud!"

Wow... it's clear to us that Bear has found the PAWFECT home and is living his best life! Opera, trips out to the yard AND cuddles from everyone!? Sounds like every dog's dream... 😁
We are very grateful to our partners in the Algarve for rescuing Bear, and we would like to wish Bear and his lovely adopter a very happy 1 year 'gotcha' anniversary! 🏡🐶❤


5 days 3 hours ago


On the 11th January 2020, two lucky pups went off to their furever homes! The first to be adopted was the beautiful Buddy (previously known as Boo Boo Bear)! 🥳

Like so many, Buddy had a rough start in life. He was found dumped on the roadside, along with his 3 brothers (Scooby, Woody and Baloo). Luckily for them, they were soon found and were taken to a lovely, private fosterer in the Algarve, who looked after him and his three siblings. Once he arrived in the UK, he was fostered for a while by Gary and Michelle, before going off to his furever home! 🏡

We asked Buddy's adopters for an update, and this is what they said:
"Wow! We can’t believe it’s a year since our big baby Buddy (boo boo bear) came into our lives, it feels we’ve had him forever he is the most handsome and precious member of our clan, he is a real cool dude with not an ounce of aggression in him, he does have slight problem with selected hearing which mainly comes on whilst playing with his friends in the park but we’re working on that! We will always be in debt to DogsnHomes for letting us have this fabulous boy!"

It's clear to see that Buddy is a much loved member of the family and is treated like a total king! 👑 We are eternally grateful to our partners in the Algarve for rescuing Buddy, and to his adopters for welcoming him into their lovely home!
We would like to wish Buddy and his wonderful adopters a very happy 1 year 'gotcha' anniversary! 🏡🐶❤


5 days 22 hours ago

Yippeeeeee!!! 🥳

Who remembers this 'dashing' lad!?

Dash had been roaming around the local area for several days before the dog warden was able to catch him. Dash had a very large and unwanted lump which was diagnosed as a salivary lump, so the dog warden set up a fundraising page, and the general public raised a staggering £3000 for his surgery. He had specialist surgery provided by Bristol University back in November and the surgeons were very pleased with the outcome and the progress he was making. 🐕💪

Dash went to stay in a lovely foster placement with a newly married couple, but he had to go into kennels for a while as his fosterers went on a well deserved replacement honeymoon (it had previously been cancelled due to COVID). When they got back, he was absolutely over the moon to see them and was sooo pleased to get back to his lovely home. His fosterers then decided that Dash was here to stay, and they made the decision to adopt him! 🥰❤

After all Dash has been through, we are sooo happy that this lad has found his furever home. We would like to say a huge thank you to the local dog warden for rescuing him, the general public for raising money for his surgery, and to Bristol University, for offering the surgery at a discounted rate.
Finally, thank you to our wonderful adopters, who we welcome to the DnH family! 🥰❤🐕


6 days 3 hours ago

❗❗ Mary needs your help ❗❗

This sweet girl, Mary, is hoping you will help her to put her sad past behind her and to get to her new furever home as soon as possible. If you want to help more dogs like Mary to be rescued from the streets, please click here:

Since in our partner’s care, Mary has shown to be a very happy puppy and loves people and other dogs. She has been into the local village and down to the beach and loves going out for walks and socializing with other dogs and people.

When fully grown, we expect her to be of medium size, probably around 15/20kg.

If you believe you can give this gorgeous pup a loving and caring home, please apply here: Adopters must live within 30 mins drive of Fleet.


1 week 1 day ago

Tag below a puppy owner that will relate to that 👇👇👇



1 week 1 day ago


The second pup to find their furever home on the 7th January 2020 was the very handsome Frankie! 🏡

Poor Frankie was found wandering the streets in Portugal, with remains of a rope tied around his neck. Nobody knows how he got to be like this but he was incredibly thin when he was found, so it may be that he chewed through the rope to seek out food. Luckily, he was found and rescued by our partners in the Algarve, who made sure he was very well looked after before he made his journey to the UK. Frankie now lives with a wonderful family in Reading. 🥰

We asked Frankie's adopter for an update, and this is what they said:
"Frankie has settled in really well! He is spoilt rotten and seems to have taken over, and is truly loved by everyone. He's got a great personality and he is very affectionate. We think that he looks like a fruit bat when he's upside-down, haha!"

The cutest fruit bat lookalike we have ever seen! 😂 It's clear to see that Frankie is absolutely doted on - just look at his smile! A pool to paddle in outside, a sofa to sleep on, and an arm to rest on... what more could a dog want?! We think that Frankie has found the pawwwfect home! ❤

We would like to say a huge thank you to Frankie's fantastic adopters, and to our partners in the Algarve for rescuing this gorgeous boy! Happy Gotcha Day Frankie! 🥳🐶❤