Who we are

DogsnHomes is a dog rescue and rehoming charity, based in Fleet, Hampshire, UK.
Our mission is simple. To rescue unwanted dogs from Portugal and the UK and find them their forever homes in Hampshire and surrounding counties.

Our approach is unique. We understand that welcoming a new dog into your family is a huge commitment, so we take the necessary time to get to know you, your needs, abilities and any restrictions and do our best to try to match you to dogs looking for homes. We rescue mostly puppies and young adult dogs that are happy, healthy and sociable.

Please take a look around our website to find out more, including how you can support our work under ‘Support Us’, and register to adopt by completing an adoption form under ‘Adopt a dog’.

Thank you for your interest in rescue and looking to adopt not shop!

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Tim Peake - Our Patron

British Astronaut, Tim Peake, agreed to become a patron for DogsnHomes in November 2019 after rescuing one of our amazing dogs, Woody. Obviously, we were over the moon then, and we’ve been on cloud 9 ever since!

Tim and his family continue to support us and our endeavours and for that we are extremely grateful. He has posted about our work on his social media channels, has donated several signed books for us to auction, has raised awareness of our Ukraine Aid mission, and has invited us to his speaking events so that we can raise money and awareness of our charity.

We absolutely love having Tim and his family on board, and with their continued involvement we are sure we will be going stratospheric! They are fantastic advocates of the ‘adopt don’t shop’ message that we try so hard to convey, and their rescue dog has become quite the poster boy.

We couldn’t be prouder to have Tim on board, and we look forward to working with him even more closely in the future.


- Co-Founder

After a long career in the construction industry as a Chartered Building Surveyor, he took early retirement to start volunteering with animal Charities in many overseas countries. He was a Trustee of Soi Dog Foundation UK and other non-profit organisations, before establishing DogsnHomes with his wife Michelle.


- Co-Founder

She has always had a love for four legged animals and spent her 50th birthday at Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand, where she adopted Smoocher, her first rescue dog. She finely balances her time with Gary, running DogsnHomes whilst continuing her hairdressing and beauty business, which she has had for over 35 years.


- Head of Public Relations

Julie is our volunteer who looks after Public Relations for DognHomes.  A keen animal lover she is actually a huge fan of all our four legged friends – both cats and dogs!

She has particular involvement in our ongoing work in Ukraine – raising awareness and helping to secure food and aid donations.


- Head of Administration

Ali is one of the unsung volunteers who does a lot of work in the background, but will also be found helping out at many of our events. She is also the person who is responsible for some of the admin and microchipping and has been a valued member of the team since May 2021.


- Head of Fundraising

Karen is a passionate and dynamic individual who dedicates her time as a volunteer for DogsnHomes Rescue. Karen’s unwavering commitment to the cause is reflected in her tireless efforts to collect donations, constantly seeking ways to generate support and awareness for the charity. She fearlessly takes charge of organizing impactful fundraising events, leveraging her exceptional organizational skills to ensure their success.


- Head of Engagement

Ashley is a true mover and shaker. Putting her multiple talents to best use, she fearlessly takes charge of organizing anything that needs to be organised, and is a valued assest to running the Charity. By leveraging her exceptional organizational skills to she ensures the things run smoothly. With her infectious enthusiasm and remarkable ability to mobilize others, Ashley plays a pivotal role in the organization’s mission to provide loving homes for abandoned dogs, making a profound difference in their lives and the community as a whole.

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