Everyday our volunteers find unwanted puppies which are being born on the streets, often without their mothers. In some cases, they find heavily pregnant bitches about to give birth. This is all because stray dogs and people's pets are not being neutered.

If a pair of dogs and their offspring were to breed and none were neutered, one pair could create a family tree of over 66,000 dogs over a 6 year period! Isn't that insane? The impact of neutering just one dog can not be underestimated.

he cost of neutering a dog and spaying a bitch varies on their size, but on it costs upwards of £60 each. 

The money raised will be sent to private shelters in the Algarve to tackle a problem they face on a daily basis. If more dogs are neutered and spayed, there will be less strays and less strain on the shelters.

If you can spare just the cost of a coffee we would be very grateful.

We are making it our mission to spay & neuter as many stray dogs as possible
Please help us to do this by donating to the cause