Little Tara is a bundle of love and has been living with Anna Mary for the past year. She is a small, affectionate, cuddly and happy girl, who loves people, children and other dogs. Tara will literally jump into your arms for a cuddle, before running off to play with her doggy friends.


She was found wandering the streets with a damaged back foot and no-one knows how this happened. Although her foot is still not quite as perfect as her other three feet, it never holds bubbly Tara back from thoroughly enjoying life. The vet in Romania has x-rayed it and said she doesn’t need any treatment on it.


Tara is two years old, is microchipped, has a passport and is all ready to travel to the UK. She is a small, bright dog and is taking lessons on the lead. She will make an amazing companion as she is so sweet natured.


Name: Tara
Sex: Female
Born: 2 yrs old
Size: Small
Breed: Mixed Breed
Adoptable to: Europe from May 2019
Fully checked & vaccinated

  • Sex: Female
  • Born: 2 yrs old
  • Size: Small
  • Breed: Mixed
  • Sterlized