Sarah - Adopt Me!

Sarah doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. She is the sweetest, softest and gentlest girl. She has the most beautiful temperament and she has unlimited amounts of love to give to everyone she meets. Not only is she incredibly friendly with everyone she meets, she is also very accepting and respectful of all other dogs she meets. She is quite happy to spend her day relaxing with the other dogs. She is well trained, walks nicely on a lead, is very human focussed and lives to please the people around her. She is very used to being on a lead and walking, and she doesn't bat an eyelid when walking through the cobbled streets, passing cats, people on bikes, and ducks! She sits calmly and quietly at the local cafe whilst the humans with her have a coffee. As you can see from the photos, she absolutely loves giving people her paw! She has been to the vets and is completely unbothered by this too, in fact, she loves all of the attention being on her!

The perfect home would be one with another dog, or one with multiple people. Sarah loves other dogs so she would do well to live with another one. She would also really benefit from being in a home where there is more than one person. Although Sarah is incredibly cuddly, she would benefit from being in a home where she learns to become more independent.

Sarah is fully vaccinated, has been treated for fleas, ticks and worms, and will come with her own passport.

If we can find he a home, she will be joining the DogsnHomes family in February 2022.

Size: 22-25kg

Age: She turned 5 years old in December 2021 (born in December 2016)

Neutered: Yes

Cat tested: She shows no interest in cats or other small animals.

History: Sarah was abandoned on the streets of Portugal, left to fend for herself. She has a small tattoo in her ear, indicating that she was being used as a hunting dog. She would have been abandoned as a result of not being a good hunter dog. She was then taken to the government kennels. Luckily, our team in Portugal took her out of the government kennels so that she could be assessed, socialised, and given the best care before finding her forever home.

Sarah meeting some pigeons!


LOCATION - we do not have a limit on distance, however, preference will be given to homes that are closer to our base in Fleet, GU52.

FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN UNDER 10  - the shelters in Portugal remain in lockdown and this prevents people from visiting. Until children are able to meet the puppies and our fosterers assess their reactions, we will not be adopting to families with children under the age of 10 until things return to normal.

As we have so many applying, regrettably we are unable to respond to your application if you do not fulfil the above criteria.