Isla & Suki both reserved


Capt. Tom and his siblings, Isla, Suki and Darcy were left to die in a black refuse sack that was thrown into a Paladin bin along the road side in Portugal.

They were found by out partners in Portugal and they decided to take them home to care for them. They have turned into the cutest fur balls ever and are very gentle and calm puppies.

But they are going to be large dogs when fully grown and show no ill effects from their abandonment.

Isla and Suki look very similar, although Suki is slightly bigger than her sister and has a white stripe between her eyes.

They come fully vaccinated, wormed flea & tick treated and comes with their own passports.

Size: Large

Age: 01/03/2020

Good on lead but still need some training

Good with children and have met cats and shown no interest

Adopters should live ideally live within 30 mins hours drive of Fleet but no further than an hour away as we like all our adoptions to be local, so we can give advice and support to our adopters, which we can only achieve by them being local.

If you are interested in adopting, then please fill out our Adoption Application.

(The Adoption Application is not a commitment to adopt but the basis of an enquiry.)