Mowgli arrived by himself to the shelter in Portugal, probably heard the sounds of friendly voices and thought that was the best place to go. He wasn’t wrong as the volunteers there could tell he needed some urgent TLC. They immediately took care of him with worming, flea and tick treatments. His blood results were all negative, so he needed no further treatment. When he arrived he was only 6/7 months old and very emaciated. He was probably abandoned as a puppy and had lived on the street for the first few months of his life.

He is a very calm dog, not a barker and is very friendly to other dogs and humans.

Mowgli is a real buddy, a great companion for all activities and we think is like a Portuguese Serra de Aires mix.

Mowgli comes fully vaccinated, wormed flea & tick treated and comes with his own passport.

Size when grown – approx. medium

DOB: June 2019

Good on lead

Good with children

Neutered: Yes

Cat Tested – awaiting to be done

Adopters should live within 1 hours drive of Fleet as we like all our adoptions to be local

If you are interested in adopting, then please fill out our Adoption Application.

(The Adoption Application is not a commitment to adopt but the basis of an enquiry.)