Winnie - Adopt me!


Winnie's story started like many dogs our partners rescue in the Algarve, when they see a young puppy on a gypsy camp, that is being neglected and if they aren't rescued when they are young may not survive.

So Winnie was one of the lucky ones to be taken to the private shelter at a young age and had the love, care and social interaction that is so important in their first months of life.

So although she had a hard start in life, she is just a very loving calm and collected puppy. She loves to socialise with other dogs and all people of any age, including young children. She has been to the lovely beaches in the Algarve several times and although likes to splash around in the shallows, isn't the most active of swimmers. She much prefers to lay on a terrace in the shade of a coffee table, while the volunteers have their cappuccinos.

She is often seen walking around with her comfort toy in her mouth seeking affection from anyone who would love to stroke her.


Current Weight: 9kgs (26/07/2020)

Size: Medium when fully grown

Date of Birth: 01/02/2020

Adopters should live ideally live within 30 mins drive of Fleet but no further than an hour away as we like all our adoptions to be local, so we can give advice and support to our adopters, which we can only achieve by them being local.

If you are interested in adopting, then please fill out our Adoption Application.

(The Adoption Application is not a commitment to adopt but the basis of an enquiry.)