Kiko - Adopt me!


Three year old Kiko was rescued from a gypsy camp in the Algarve as he was not getting the care he needed. He was very emaciated, so he was taken by one of the volunteers to the local public shelter. But it was clear that this soft caring boy wouldn't cope in such an environment, so he was taken to the private shelters run by out partners in the Algarve. Straight away he showed how he loved affection and would happily stand with his head in the lap of a volunteer just to have his head stroked and could be there for 15 minutes or more.

He is friendly to all people and loves children and also loves to play with all the other dogs. In the heat of the day, if he gets a chance, he also likes to splash around and play in some water to cool down.

He is a smart dog and if left alone for long periods on his own, would attempt to open doors or gates, which is why we want him to go to a home with another dog, as we feel he needs the companionship of another dog, so he doesn't feel abandoned.

He loves car rides and sits on the backseat and puts his head on the front headrest to watch the world go by. Kiko is great on a lead and shows no signs of his poor treatment in his first years of life.

Size: Medium/Large when fully grown

Date of Birth:  07/07/2017

Adopters should live ideally live within 30 mins hours drive of Fleet but no further than an hour away as we like all our adoptions to be local, so we can give advice and support to our adopters, which we can only achieve by them being local.

If you are interested in adopting, then please fill out our Adoption Application.

(The Adoption Application is not a commitment to adopt but the basis of an enquiry.)