Winnie is just over a year old and is a mixed breed Saluki x Greyhound. She is very gentle and loving, inquisitive and cuddly in the home and is house trained and knows basic commands. She responds well to training with treats and is very food focused. She has been off lead and does respond to recall (if there are no distractions) but as she has high prey drive, this has to be done in a controlled fashion/environment. We would only recommend that she is left off lead after several months of getting to know her new owners and new environment. Further training is strongly advised while she is still so trainable.


She does run well beside you or a bike and she enjoys lots of activities and needs a home where she will be given lots of exercise and stimulation. She has lived with another dog, that sadly passed away. She has been on her own for the last 5 months but due to a relationship breakdown, is now looking for another home, through no fault of her own. She would be better in a home with another dog for company.

She is fully vaccinated, treated and sterilized and comes with her health history

Size: Large

Age: Just over 1 year old (DOB 13.05.2019)

Good on lead but still need some training, has been trained to jump up gently to give a kiss. Because of her size this means she wouldn't be suitable for families with small children, as she could knock them over

Good with children - YES (please see remarks above)

Not good with cats or small furry animals as she does have typical high prey drive

Adopters should live within 1 hours drive of Fleet as we like all our adoptions to be local

If you are interested in adopting, then please fill out our Adoption Application.

(The Adoption Application is not a commitment to adopt but the basis of an enquiry.)