Barney Bear - Adopt me!

Barney Bear is very much a sheep in wolf's clothing - he has a commanding look and stance - but actually he is easily frightened by new people and noises and retreats and is a bit skittish. Barney Bear was found when he was very young with his siblings and hand reared in a home in Portugal until 4mths old. He then spent the next 16 months in his first adoptor's home here in Hampshire, where he lived with 3 young children and a cat. Unfortunately, his parents are now separating and through absolutely no fault of his own, he is now back up for adoption.

A bit about Barney:

Barney Bear was born on the 15th June 2019. He is a really physically stunning dog and he is still very much a puppy (well, he thinks so!). He is very playful and his favourite thing to do is play with other dogs.  Also, when he gets over excited he has a habit of jumping up, but this is purely from overexcitement and is something that can be resolved through training. He doesn't have a bad bone in his body. He's intelligent and very willing to learn and would really benefit from regular training, mental stimulation and physical exercise.

He knows basic commands and takes treats very gently from your hand. He does retreat if he is scared of new experiences and needs an confident adopter to build his confidence.

He is definitely a dog that longs for human companionship. Whilst he is not an overly cuddly dog, he will always be by your side. No matter where you are in the house, he will want to be next to you!

His previous adopters learnt that he responded much better to being alone if he had a free roam of the house, as when he was shut in one room he would become agitated.

Barney Bear is absolutely fine with other dogs when out on a walk and loves to socialise with them. If he is on his own in the house he will bark at the window if he sees a dog walking past the house, but this is certainly something that can be resolved through consistent training.

The ideal home:

  • He needs to be homed with older children (ideally teenagers), or live in an adult only household.
  • He absolutely loves to play and has a lot of energy to burn, so his new adopters should be fit and active. His new home must also have access to a private garden.
  • His new adopters need to make a commitment to continue Barney Bear's training and they need to work on helping him to overcome his separation anxiety.
  • He shouldn't be left alone for long period of time and adopters that are around for most of the day will be favoured.
  • He would do better in a home with another dog and preference will be given to those applicants who have one already.

Important information:

  • He will be 2 years old on the 15th June.
  • Barney Bear has been neutered.
  • He is a large dog in size.
  • He is good health and has had all of his vaccinations and comes with a pet passport.




COVID- 19 - Until further notice adopters need to live within 30mins of GU52.

FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN UNDER 10  - The shelters in Portugal are also in lockdown and this prevents people visiting the shelter. Until children are able to meet the puppies and our fosterers assess their reactions, we will not be adopting to families with children under the age of 10 until things return to normal.