Maggie - Adopt me!

Maggie is 14 months old and was rescued from Portugal and has been here since Sept 2020, living with a young couple. They are now having their first baby and are going to be unable to have such a energic dog as part of the family.

She is house trained and affectionate, very active and eager to please.

On a lead she becomes exceptionally excitable and wants to play with all other dogs and given a chance would love to go exploring. She does pull on a lead with excitement but has learnt 'leader follower techniques' to reduce her drive.

She is bright, fast and intelligent and we think she has some Border Collie in her and would probably make a good working dog.

She needs a home with an experienced owner and ideally another robust dog that can keep her in check. She needs a job to do to harness her intelligence and would most likely work well on a farm.

Born: 14/02/2020

Maggie is fully vaccinated and treated for fleas, ticks and worms and will comes with her own passport.

Neutered: No

Cat tested:  No

Maggie Stay

Maggie Sitting

Maggie Laying down

Maggie ADHD


FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN UNDER 10  - The shelters in Portugal are also in lockdown and this prevents people visiting the shelter. Until children are able to meet the puppies and our fosterers assess their reactions, we will not be adopting to families with children under the age of 10 until things return to normal.

As we have so many applying if you do not fulfill the above criteria we will not respond to your application.