Holly - Reserved

Say hello to Holly, an adorable little lady and one of the four 'H' puppies!

Holly currently lives with her siblings in a 5* foster home in Portugal. She has settled in very well and is showing everyone just how much of a superstar she is! Much like her siblings, Holly is a very sweet, affectionate and cuddly little girl. She has a gentle soul and likes to sit back and watch all that's going on around her. She is very curious and inquisitive and enjoys spending her day exploring the world around her! Holly is very well socialised around other people and other dogs, and she loves playing with her siblings and running around. After a long day of being a puppy, she is more than happy to curl up for a cuddle and a snooze! She is an incredibly sweet little girl and is only going to be small-medium in size once fully grown (her mum is only 9kgs in weight). She is a really sweet little pup with a heart of gold, and she will make any house a home!

Holly will be arriving with us in the middle of January.

Size: She will be small-medium once fully grown. Her mother (Hazelnut) is 37cm in height and 9 kgs in weight.

Date of Birth: Estimated to be 15th September 2021

Neutered: No

Cat tested: She hasn't been cat tested yet.

History: Holly, 5 other puppies and her mum (Hazelnut) were all dumped in the grounds of a hotel and left to fend for themselves. Thankfully, our team were alerted and they were soon rescued and taken into a private foster home. They are all very healthy and happy, and Hazelnut has already found her forever home! Hazelnut is a very sweet, gentle dog and she did a fantastic job of looking after her litter of pups.

Holly snuggling up...


LOCATION - we do not have a limit on distance, however preference will be given to homes that are closer to our base in Fleet, GU52.

FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN UNDER 10  - we will only adopt to families with children over the age of 10 as the dogs haver not been socialised with young children.

As we have so many applying, regrettably we are unable to respond to your application if you do not fulfil the above criteria.