After a career as a Chartered Surveyor, Gary decided he wanted to spend his time helping the voluntary sector, so five years ago we heard about the charity Animals Asia, which was set up by Jill Robinson MBE to help rescue Moon Bears farmed for their bile. We worked with Animals Asia to raise awareness of this barbaric practice as well as fundraising to help rescue bears.

We have always owned dogs and on learning about the dog meat trade, we decided to volunteer at a charity called Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand. We were delighted to be allocated the ‘Puppy run.’ At this time we just wanted to help, and with two dogs of our own had no intention of adopting a dog.



But on the fourth day of helping out, we discovered a puppy had been hiding in the middle of a concrete pipe. He was known as the ‘Shy pup’ and had been named Smoocher.


Before being rescued by Soi Dog, someone had tried to drown him in a road gully and he was the only one of the litter to survive. At only 12 weeks old he was very sick. With Soi’s help, he recovered physically, but remained afraid of people
and traumatised by his experience.



We didn’t know how he would cope when he became too big for the puppy run, so without hesitation, we agreed to adopt him and bring him back to the UK.


This was the beginning of our journey into dog rescue. Using our five years’ + experience of rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs, we decided to start our own charity – DogsnHomes.


We want to give a very personalised experience to the adopters, fosterers and of course the dogs. We believe that there is always the right dog for anyone who wants to adopt and we’ll make sure you find your Paw-fect match!


Michelle Ballard

Gary Baxter

Co-founders & Volunteers