Looking for an alternative Christmas gift? We'd love to help ... spread some Christmas cheer to dogs without a family this festive season. 

It's the season of giving and we invite you to make a donation, so we can ensure lots of rescued pups have a full belly this Christmas.

For just £5, you'll be emailed a 'Doggy Christmas Dinner* Voucher' that you can keep for yourself, or forward on to a friend or family member as an extra thoughtful Christmas gift, purchased on their behalf.

The shelters and rescue teams are always so grateful for your generosity, it's only through people like you supporting our work that we can continue to rescue. With many hungry tummies, food donations are always sought after, so we hope you'll get behind us for this one and help us to help them not go hungry this Christmas.

Click the button below to buy a Doggy Christmas Dinner!

*as well as food, your donation may be used for other necessities to care for and support our rescue operations!