This is just a selection of the dogs that are available for adoption. We do our best to take the risk out of adopting a rescue dog, by working with shelters that we trust to ensure that not only are the dogs checked by a vet and are healthy but are also socialised, so they do not have major socialisation and integration issues to a home. We do not deal with aggressive dogs or those with major health problems.


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Beautiful ,smiley Maria – at just over a year old – was abandoned a few months ago, pregnant and hungry. The APAR shelter rescued her and since have been caring for her. Maria is more than ready for a home and will be extremely loyal to the lucky family who adopt her. Maria is full of energy and loves to play, run, go on long walks and in fact is really struggling being cooped up in a small kennel where she gets limited exercise. Maria tends to wind herself up from lack of exercise and will have a go at other female dogs…. but the happy Maria, when out, is friendly, brilliant with all the volunteers and recently went for a trial with a potential adopter where it went so well and she played all afternoon with their male dog – but unfortunately the other dog has various problems with his hips and the level of play was a bit too much for him …..

So if you are looking for an extremely intelligent, loyal, energetic female Maria is perfect. She is healthy, sterilised, chipped, has all her vaccines and is just waiting for a loving, caring home.

Date of birth – 14.11.2017

Size – medium

Weight – approximately 18 kg

Hair – short

Lead trained – yes

House trained – unknown if she has lived in a house

Current location – APAR shelter – Moncarapacho – Agarve – Portugal

Good with children – yes

Good with cats – Unknown




Time at the shelter – 4 months

Do you think you could give her a forever home?

If so, please contact us and fill out our adoption form.