Eddy - Reserved!

Eddy is a very sweet little lad, who is also in a foster home with his siblings. Much like his siblings, he has a wonderful temperament. He is friendly, sociable, playful, curious and affectionate - everything you would want from a pup! After a long day of playing and exploring, he loves to snuggle up next to his fosterer for a cuddle and snooze. He is being really well socialised and is very happy to be in the company of people and other dogs. He is being taken out for short walks around the local village, so he's starting to get used to wearing a harness etc. He is very respectful of other dogs and interacts very nicely with them. Eddy is going to be large once he's fully grown, so his adopters must be committed to ensuring his training begins as soon as he arrives with them. He really is a very sweet boy with a beautiful nature, so we're sure he is going to make his future family very happy indeed!

Eddy will be arriving with us in Jan or Feb 2022.

Size: Medium/Large once fully grown - estimated that he will grow to be 25-30kg in weight

Date of Birth: 11/09/2021

Neutered: No

Cat tested: He hasn't been cat tested yet.

History: Eddy's mother was saved from the wildfires in Portugal, and she was soon adopted by the lovely couple who found her. They had no idea that she was pregnant, so when the puppies were old enough to leave the mother, they were taken in by our team in Portugal to be looked after. Sadly, it's very likely that their father died in the wildfires, so we know nothing about him (size etc). All of the pups are very healthy and happy.


LOCATION - we do not have a limit on distance, however preference will be given to homes that are closer to our base in Fleet, GU52.

FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN UNDER 10  - we will only adopt to families with children over the age of 10 as the dogs haver not been socialised with young children.

As we have so many applying, regrettably we are unable to respond to your application if you do not fulfil the above criteria.