COVID19 - 2021

We, just like all dog rescue charities, have seen a huge increase in demand from people wanting to adopt.

We are a small charity and do not want to increase the supply of dogs to satisfy this demand, as we want to maintain our hands on matching service in finding the best homes. After all, dogs are for life not just for the duration of a pandemic.

We are not a volume rescue centre and we support small shelters that are on the frontline of dog rescue, who find abandoned street dogs or pregnant bitches, almost on a daily basis.

A tremendous amount of teamwork, driven by very compassionate volunteers, is the foundation of what we do and to simply try to rescue and rehome more dogs than we can cope with would be irresponsible.

So we hope that you understand why we can't find a dog for everyone that wants one.

Thank you for reading and for your patience and compassion in wanting to adopt a rescue dog.


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